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I am currently studying intermediate level German in Munich. I completed my B2.2 German at Volkshochschule München, B2.1 from LMU and B1 from Goethe Institute. I started writing this blog (since level A2.1) in order to share what I learn during the lectures. I envisaged it to be a personal note to myself more than anything else. Nevertheless, if anything written here proves to be useful to you, please do leave a comment. I will continue to upload content as I learn new things, hence it is better to read older posts before reading new ones.
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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Goethe Institute

While rummaging through the web for institutes that offer German courses, I came across Goethe Institute in Prague. I had to sit for a placement test. It was quite daunting experience to see an 'exam-hall' after so long time. There were a lot of people who enthusiastically wanted to learn German, all scratching their head and looking at their question papers. I mustered courage and started filling dots into the multiple-choice-questions' answer sheet. As I did not revise anything before the test, I just picked whichever answer sounded right.

After the test, my name was called. A lady kind of interviewed me in German. They wanted to be sure which level (stufe) would suit me. She decided A2.1. Since all classes were getting filled pretty quickly, I had to decide then and there if I wanted to start learning at Goethe Institute. There was only one group free. The classes would start at 07:30AM. Oh well, I will have to stop being so nocturnal and stay motivated. I am finally going to learn some serious German!

I remember lots of my friends in Germany telling me that enrolling at Goethe Institute costs a lot of money compared to other language schools. Hence, it was a surprise when they asked me for around 3000CZK (around 120 Euros).

The course book we are using is "Studio d. A2" (ISBN-10: 3464207129). If you want to buy the book, make sure that you check the language(sic). Some book stores in Prague had the book, but some bits and pieces were in Czech. As I don't know Czech at all (apart from ordering at the restaurants), I had to order it from amazon.co.uk. You could also order one from amazon.de. The lady at the institute told us that we should not be needing the workbook (Arbeitsbuch), so I now have all my Deutsch gears ready!

If you are in Prague and want to learn German, I recommend that you at least try out Goethe Institute. It is not thaaaat expensive and the instructors are highly qualified and friendly. The address is:

Masarykovo nábřeží 32
110 00 Praha
Tel: + 420 221962-111
Fax: + 420 221962-250

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  1. Hi, I am just wondering if you could tell me more about the placement test at the Goethe Institut, do you remember any of the questions?